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Home Modifications for the Elderly or Disabled

What is Home Modification?

Home modification refers to converting or adapting the environment in order to make performing tasks easier, reduce accidents, and support independent living.

After spending many years assisting elderly family members with their growing care needs, the need for modifications to the elderly environment became more and more evident to Bob Rubel, President and founder of Constructive Management, Inc. (CMI). The home remodeling projects became progressive as the family members aged and their age related impairments grew. The realization that these modifications were vital to keeping them safe and happy and in their own home was gratifying.

This realization was the reason Bob decided to formally add this niche service. Bob is certified as a Home Modifications Practioner, through Innovative Designs in Enviroments for an Aging Society (I.D.E.A.S.) a dedicated team of Professionals that are specially trained in creating a more supportive setting for older people.

Bob continues to seek credible sources of learning in Universal Design and Home Modifications for the elderly. He is also becoming certified, in an executive certification course; Home Modification from the National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification at USC (view website). This ongoing certification allows CMI a strong understanding of its customers’ needs, and the ability to provide a specialty service to a growing population of our aging society.

Our thorough construction experience, and the knowledge obtained through the certification, makes Constructive Management, Inc. uniquely qualified to help families and caregivers create a functional and safe environment for the elderly. We are trained to evaluate and advise on home modifications; from low cost to more expensive renovations, simple home repairs, or the removal of clutter to avoid fall risk.

Our friendly, professional, and dependable, prompt service is a guarantee. Home repairs, interior and exterior remodeling, room additions, and basically any type of construction related work is our expertise. We offer a free estimate. Often family members, caregivers, or the home owner need to consult about what is needed, this is what we do best.

We put a little heart in our hammer.

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