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CMI Commercial and Industrial Services

Retail Stores, Office Buildings and More

Constructive Management, Inc. (CMI) performs consulting, and general contracting services for owners of restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, office buildings, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities. Our customers range from national chain restaurants and retail stores to land developers, investors, publically held corporate 500 companies and small business owners.

The company maintains a small corporate identity, but has the ability to work on larger projects through associations with other construction companies if necessary. Thus, truly allowing us to compete and meet the requirements of any size project. This unique ability provides the depth of personnel and financial wherewithal necessary for large projects, and the hands on, no frills, management required on the smaller projects.

CMI is best suited for projects valued from $5,000 to $5,000,000. We have consulted on projects up to $115,000,000. CMI has worked on projects that involve military security, public interests, and corporate prototypes. Our service includes preconstruction, bidding, value engineering, and scheduling.