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CMI Construction Service and Consultation

Chicago Area General Contractor

Constructive Management Inc. (CMI) was founded in 1999. The idea behind the company was to offer a high level of service to owners in need of Construction Services. The company tag line of "managing your interest so you can manage your business" was conceived after many years of working with owners who needed to build facilities for their growing businesses and still manage that demanding business.

The companies' founder Bob Rubel has been problem solving for home owners and businesses involved in remodeling and new construction for more than 35 years. The projects range in scope and complexity, from simple home repairs to the construction of multi-million dollar industrial or commercial facilities.

Construction consulting and general contracting although two separate titled services go hand and hand. When CMI is hired as the Consultant, the customer benefits from the knowledge and experience of a general contractor. When hired as a General Contractor, the customer gains the insights of a consultant.

Our services are offered to the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors of the construction industry. We have a long list of subcontractors, engineers, and architects whom we have established, good faith relationships with for many years. These relationships allow CMI to address every demand on any project, with highly experienced, knowledgeable Professionals.

Our work is typically in the metro Chicago and suburban areas. We have however worked extensively for clients nationwide.